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As a small, family-owned business, we have been at markets and trade fairs throughout Germany for over 25 years. Starting with fashion jewelery and textile accessories, we have always enjoyed developing ourselves further and breaking new ground. This is how the idea of Ropeace came about.

Ropeace is the fusion of traditional Thai craftsmanship and European design. Composed of the two English words "rope" and "peace", we created a brand in 2014 that stands for sustainability, style and fairness.

The production of this uniquely comfortable sandal, with its colorful braiding and lacing patterns, has existed for over 20 years and is the result of the transmission of traditional Thai craftsmanship and creative know-how. Discovered at an arts and crafts market while on vacation in Thailand, we knew as soon as we put it on and wore it that we loved these sandals. The idea was quickly born to bring Ropeace to Germany and to create an individual and versatile brand with our own designs.

All this is now 9 years ago and overall it is the love for the product, the close cooperation with manufacturers and craftsmen and the positive feedback from our customers that is so motivating for us and constitutes our personal conviction.

Our mission

Our mission for Ropeace, is to create an international and peace-loving brand, which advocates the symbiosis of diverse creative influences and inventiveness with the promotion and revival of handicrafts. It is a matter of the heart for us that not only an economic, but also a cultural and charitable exchange takes place.

"I don't want to do without these wonderful companions anymore and I would like to express my appreciation and recognition on this way. I wish you continued success in bringing a little lightness, joy, colourfulness,... maybe some peace into the world with your braiding art (because I think people who walk in comfortable and beautiful shoes are a little more peaceful. ”

– Simone B